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Planning the perfect wedding – despite #Corona

The year 2020 has been fraught with changes brought on by the Coronavirus. Nobody has been spared: your life, along with the lives of your closest family and friends have been turned upside-down in unpredictable ways. Whoever thought you would have to cancel your perfectly-planned wedding that was supposed to take place during the lock-down period?

All is not lost. You can still get married, it can still be spectacular and special.

By now you are already used to flexing your muscles to adapt to, what the normal person perceives as ‘trying circumstances’. Let me paint you a picture that may change your perception that a big, expensive dream wedding is the perfect one. Why not have an intimate wedding, one that will bring fond memories when you reminisce in your old age.

Is this even legal during the time of the Coronavirus? The answer is short and simple – with a Marriage Officer, anything is possible.


You, the Bride, dressing in your dream wedding dress. The wedding photographer captures each moment. Sweat starts dripping from your forehead as you consider that you are about to say “I do”, the words you have been dreaming about since you met that man. The superhero make-up artist swoops in and catches the sweat drop and waves her ‘magic’ brush over your face with one stroke. Flawless.

Mom walks closer and whispers: “We have all been here,” as she gently hugs you. A tear drops and you hear the sound of the wedding photographer’s camera snapping.

Moment of truth.
As you prepare to walk towards the quaint Garrison Church close to Table Mountain, your bridesmaid helps you fix your wedding dress, the ocean waves crash in the background, creating natural music that soothes your nerves – and your husband-to-be. As you start walking down the aisle, grabbing tightly onto your father’s arm, the sense of relief overwhelms you as your thoughts confirm: “This is my dream day, this is my dream man, my dream is finally coming true.” The ambiance of romance is emphasised by candles lighting the path to true love and everyone forgets the load shedding.

Forty of your closest friends and family rise in honor of you and that perfect song is playing as your dad hands you over to your handsome groom (whose smile is practically tearing out his cheeks).

Your Marriage Officer stands in front of you, about to officiate this dream day…

This need not be a dream. You can make it happen and the theme can be anything your creative mind can conjure up, including providing everyone with an embroidered mask that commemorates this day.

Let us ignore the fact that an intimate wedding is obviously less expensive and concentrate on the real advantages. You and your new husband will not be stuck behind a table at the top end of the hall during the reception. Bride and Groom can circulate and can spend quality time with everyone and still enjoy getting lost in each other’s eyes.

Without the tension of looking after a big crowd, you won’t feel so tired at the end of the wedding, which often causes many newlyweds to rush past that incredible first night.

Don’t let Covid keep you from living your dream wedding, from the covenant and that marriage certificate. You have been waiting to officially change your surname and become Mrs. Hubby’s-Surname. Do it the intimate way. Intense, invigorating, incredible, memorable… Married#2020

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